How it all began …..

In 2012 a group of local history enthusiasts gathered together to form Gloucester Local History Society.  Given the centuries of history, including events within the area which have had a national impact, it seems incredible that a society hadn’t been created in the city before this.  From the very beginning support was given by the Folk Museum in terms of a venue for meetings and then, in October 2012, the constitution was adopted; the Society was up and running!

The first two years of the Society’s existence saw a steady increase in membership.  Meetings took the form of open discussion as members shared research experiences and memories of by-gone days.  There was a keen emphasis on social history, gathering the memories of local people who had lived in the city all their lives and who had seen and felt the impact of ‘progress’.

The unexpected death of our chairman in September 2014 created new challenges for the Society as Jerry had led from the front and was the life-blood of the group.  Members were determined that the Society should continue to thrive, to ensure that all the time and energy already spent on creating the group should not go to waste.  In 2015 speakers have been invited to share their local knowledge with members on topics central to Gloucester’s heritage.  A new-look newsletter has been published and contact is being made with the wider community through Twitter and Facebook.  The hope is that Gloucester Local History Society will continue to thrive and to inspire people to take an interest in the centuries of history that lie beneath our feet.

The minutes of the first meeting:

Minutes for the Meeting held on Tuesday the 7th of August 2012 at the Folk Museum.

Gordon Doyle, Sue Baker, Martin Adams, Sarah Orton, Robert Froggatt, Dave Kemp, Janesta Fisher, Jerry Jenkinson.

We agreed:

We would create a Committee composed of: Chair (Jerry Jenkinson), Secretary (Sarah Orton from the Folk Museum), Vice Chair (Dave Kemp), Treasurer (Sue Baker) and a Media Officer (Merv Smith) who was absent.

We will collect fees at the next meeting and open a Bank Account, there are four layers of membership:

Officers (you must be on the Committee to be an Officer) anyone can become a Committee Member
Members (anyone who joins)
Distant Members (those who write articles but are unable to make meetings due to the fact the are a distance from Gloucester).  We agreed that anyone who wrote an article would get a copy of that Bulletin but would be encouraged to become a Distant Member in order to receive ALL Bulletins.
Members Fee (annual) £10
Couples £15
Unemployed/Pensioners, etc £5
Distant Members £5

We will hold bi-monthly meetings (next meeting is Tuesday 2nd October at 6:00pm at the Folk Museum).

All Bulletins will be e-mailed to Members.

We already have a Web Site, produced for FREE by Softdata Internet www.gloucesterlocalhistory.co.uk.  Under Construction.

Research and stories for the Bulletin will be open, no restrictions, no rules!

The only issue we have to confront soon is the Rent charge that the Folk Museum are requesting.