“Game-Makers to the Empire: Roberts Brothers of Gloucester 1890-1957”

Medieval Gloucester with speaker Nicholas Herbert

Medieval Gloucester

Gloucester Local History Society

PATES HISTORY EVENT (organised by Gloucestershire Local History Association)

Winners of the best local history society display showcasing immigration and emigration throughout the ages.


Following publicity given by Radio Gloucestershire and the Daily Telegraph, the quest to find the rose reached a happy conclusion.  Several examples of the City of Gloucester rose were found locally in Abbeydale, Barnwood and Tuffley.  However, with less than a dozen known locations and no commercial outlets this rose should be classed as endangered.  The Society would appreciate knowing about any more sitings so please get in touch if you spot one.

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On Tuesday 2nd June 18 members visited the Eastgate Chamber beneath Boots.  Sarah Orton gave a fascinating insight into why and how the Romans took the decision to create a strategic settlement where present day Gloucester now stands.  Glevum (along with Colchester) became second only to Rome in terms of importance.  Due to the marshy conditions at the time, the Romans used tree trunk piles to support their buildings.  Nearly 2,000 years later evidence of Roman engineering is still clear to see.

Horse pool DSRoman WallingSarah explainsTree Trunk PilesMembers browse


Our Society was honoured to be invited to a private event on Thursday 14th May that was organised by the award-winning restoration and conservation specialist, City & Country Group, who are the new owners of Gloucester Prison.  Helen Moore, Managing Director of City & Country, gave a presentation which demonstrated that the prison will be sympathetically restored, further enhancing the fine heritage we are all so proud of.  Other projects undertaken by the group certainly had the ‘wow’ factor, giving new life to well-worn buildings, so expectations are high.

Public consultations are planned for July and September 2015.  In the mean time if you have any views, memories or stories concerning Gloucester Prison then City & Country would like to hear from you:


The latest edition of the newsletter is now available at the following locations:

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This quarter the newsletter includes articles on the Bell Hotel, a biography of Cecily Pott (1903-1994) and the history of the ‘City of Gloucester’ rose.


Gloucester LHS is proud to have collaborated with Quedgeley Community Trust on a project instigated by Valerie Willis-Lea in memory of her late husband, Rod Willis.  A panorama of the World War One factory was unveiled on Saturday 28th March 2015 at Kingsway Community Centre.  Our LHS was represented by Merv and Danny (photograph courtesy of Quedgeley News).

Merv & Danny at Munitions photo unveiling, Mar. '15

At its height, the factory employed over 5,000 local women, and produced 17 million shells between March 1916 and November 1918.  Very little evidence of the factory now exists and it is hoped that the photograph will give local residents a sense of the area’s  essential role during the First World War.